Finally look (and feel) like the expert you truly are

 online with an elevated visual identity 

+ You’ve been making 

momentous CEO moves 

in your industry

that have been making people  

pay attention.

+ You have a

clear vision and the sales to prove it,

 it truly feels like you’re on fire in your business with those 4 and 5-figure months on lock.

But there’s one weak spot in your business

 that knocks all the confidence straight out of you—

your website and branding.

You’ve gone through massive growth and what used to work when you were just getting started just doesn’t work or align anymore.

The truth is, we all start somewhere and at that point, any website feels better than no website, but when you hit a certain level (the level you’re at right now) it takes more.

+ You need a brand process that

positions your 

expertise first

because right now it’s anything 

but that.

+ You need a unique presence online that is 

backed by strategy + research

curated just for 

YOUR brand.

To hit the next level, you need 

the next level appearance

“The questions she [Erin] asked ask me really helped me to narrow in on my target audience and put the messaging I really wanted people to understand about my company.”



Together, we’ll work to establish your brand through:




Researching your Audience

Analyzing your Services, Products, and Offers

Making Sure that Everything Aligns with the Strategy Created

Ultimately getting you from where you are 
now to where you want to be

It’s crucial to make sure your new brand identity reflects your current and future growth so you can fully embody your millionaire CEO vibe now.

The total upgrade you’ve been craving is here. 

Get ready to show up as the most confident version of yourself with my signature offer… 

My 12-week process where I’ll help uncover the ins and outs of your business to position your brand at the next level

Explore our 

weeks together:

(And yes, this is all insanely valuable for bringing the next-level strategy and vision to life.)


Your mindset is everything when it comes to building your brand and investing in your business. With me, you’re not just getting pretty designs, you’re getting the whole package. We’ll discuss elevating your mindset and creating a solid strategy for your brand so you can strut into the next version of you. 


PHASE 2 | construct

It’s time to lay the foundations and build the foundation of the brand. This is where we’ll deep dive into who your people are and how you serve them. In order for your website and brand to portray you, we need to dive into the overall vision. We’ll discuss everything from your logo to your photoshoot style.


PHASE 3 | create

Using the foundations we set in phase 2, we’ll dive into creating the supplemental brand items for a multi-faceted brand presence. You know, the brand presence that will shake up your entire industry and capture more credit card digits than ever before.


PHASE 4 | content

Turn on the Champagne Papi himself (read: Drake) and get ready to pour yourself a drink! We’re almost live! These last two weeks we’ll spend focused on creating a continued plan for success so you can be confident on and offline. I’ll hand over all the assets we’ve worked on together during our 12 weeks together and make sure you’re feeling more confident than ever.


Take a look at everything that’s waiting for you on the other side of The Brandbox:

+ Kick-off strategy call complete 
with call notes + recorded sessions
+ Ideal client profile
+ Mood board

+ Logo suite
+ Photoshoot strategy for a 
complete brand vibe
+ Brand guidelines

+ Mobile- optimized website design 
( up to 5 pages + 10 products)
+ Marketing collateral
+ Launch graphic

Other investments you’ll need to make:

+ Professional photos under my direction taken during the process
+ Copywriting using my Brandbox copy outline or professionally written
+ Social Media and Content strategy**

**Not required

If you haven’t been showing up as your best self

because you’re afraid of how you come across to others, this package is going to change all of that for you.

This process is designed for you 

to be

hands-on throughout

 and allows me enough time to treat your business as if it were my own, refining and perfecting everything

Together, we’ll make sure you have a brand that is built for longevity and not one that you need to tweak in another 6 months.

investment starting at:


Investment is split into four equal payments.

schedule your consultation here

“I received so much value from my 
experience and am no longer 
embarrassed to show up online!”

“I can be confident that when people see it [website], it’s a good representation of me AND my brand.”

“Our site is very marketable and user 
friendly, our sales has undeniably 
increased roughly 60%.”







Questions? I got you!

Is this service for me?

If you are a scaling CEO who has been in business for at least two (2) years looking to rebrand your business for a professional visual presence, this is for you! 

It is an added plus if you are currently generating at least high-four figures in profit with a marketing budget for additional costs that may arise. 


The investment of The Brandbox begins at $10,000. All potential clients receive a custom proposal based off what was discussed during the consultation call.

Please note that there are outside investments (like photography and copywriting) that will need to be made. 

Are there investments outside of The Brandbox?

Yes. Website copy and professional photos are imperative to the completion of the VIP Experience. Clients will receive The Brandbox Copy Guide, as well as Photoshoot Strategy. Professional photos under my direction is required for the VIP Experience. You may elect to hire a copywriter or use the copy guide given.

Please note, if you do not have a solid brand identity with accompanying brand guidelines, this service is NOT for you. Please refer to The Brandbox if this applies to you. 

what website platforms do you design on?

I currently design on the Wix, Showit, WordPress (using the Elementor plug-in), and Shopify (using a page builder plug-in like GemPages). Platform choice is uniquely determined with each client based on needs and capabilities voiced by the client.

I do not handle domain, hosting, or plug-in costs needed during the project.

do you offer a la carte services?

No. The Brandbox is formatted to provide a full transformation that one-off a la carte services do not provide.